Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blessings and Prayers

As we share the beauty of Autumn with our grandchildren we have chosen to take them back to a simpler time. There are many celebrations during this season. Please join us as we pray for GOD's protection of each child and for HIS abundant blessing on each of their lives!

Blessed to share in GOD's abundant grace,


Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Hearts Full of Love

Wise words spoken
From a heart full of love...

Both hearts full of love...

Some words spoken
Some unsaid
Two hearts united by GOD's loving thread!

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,


Sunday, October 17, 2010


I continue to press forward. I am gaining strength and the pain is getting better. An added gain is the few pounds I have also lost during the last few weeks of persistently walking and making my health a priority. I thank GOD for each of you and your prayers. The encouragement I gain from your comments and visits is a tremendous blessing. THANK YOU is simply not good enough. I praise GOD for each of you and what your friendships mean to me. GOD has truly blessed me through the blog world far beyond my wildest dreams.

PRAYER REQUEST: My husband, Doug's aunt died yesterday (Saturday) morning. She gracefully stepped into heaven from this life. She completed an 88 year and 10 month run in this world. This week will be filled with memories, fellowship, tears, and celebration as we mourn our loss and celebrate her entrance into heaven. She had twin sons, one a pastor. Her son, Donnie (pastor) will perform the funeral on Wednesday. Please pray extra grace and strength for him.

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Contining To Run The Race

Yes, my dear friends, I continue to arise each morning and run the race before me. I am determined to stay the course. Each day, I see several elderly ladies walking pushing their walkers and two handicapped gentlemen on my walk. Each time I meet them on my lap, I am inspired. They too are staying the course.

God calls us to run the race no matter what our condition. We must continue to place one foot in front of the other, keeping our focus on HIM who loves us most! He is faithful and HE will see us through.

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,

~The black and white paint in the above picture is Keyo (our daughters horse) and the brown and white paint is Azul (our daughter's friends horse).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pushing Past The Pain

Each morning I awake to intense pain. Arthritis seems to be claiming my bones, joints, and even affecting my muscles. Daily, I make the choice to push past the pain. Recently, I began walking. I must strengthen my body and fight the battle. I can not surrender to this ugly disease.

Many of you face difficult health dilemmas each day. We will join together in prayer and encouragement as we continue placing one foot in front of the other. We will endure and run this race with grace! God will continue to give us the strength for each day!

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,


~I am sorry I have not been visiting as much lately. I miss each of you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Change is inevitable. Sometimes, we long for change and other times we dread it. As each season brings change, look for beauty. Look for opportunities to allow HIS beauty to shine through you. Rise to the occasion and flutter about from one flower to another with a positive attitude and love in your heart!

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,