Monday, May 30, 2011


Life is:

Amazing Grace
My Gift!

"He will be your sure foundation, providing a rich store of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. The fear of the Lord will be your treasure." Isaiah 33:6 NLT

In the chaos of life let us look for HIS beauty and not waste a moment in time. Let us make the best of the time we are given.

By HIS mercy and in the midst of HIS grace,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Are You Staying In Your Own Prison?

Recently, I read about a prison in the path of the floods. The message caught my attention. The inmates are working tirelessly and with positive attitudes to save their prison. One inmate was interviewed and asked why he was working so hard. His reply spoke deeply to me. He said, "I know this place. I can not image going to another place or what it might be like."

I thought about the prisons of the heart. God does NOT want us to be imprisoned, but many times we stay there because it is all we know. It is safe or at least we think it is safe.

Jesus paid the price for us. He longs to release and heal our hearts from the things that hold us back.

Why is it we stay in our own man made prisons?

Why are we not enjoying the lives GOD created us to enjoy?

It seems so sensible to move out of our self imposed prisons, yet many sit here! Let us boldly step forth, accept all HE has for us, and enjoy the life HE has created and planned for us. Today, let us together take a step of faith and leave the pain in our hearts at the feet of JESUS!

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,


Friday, May 20, 2011

Struggling With a Call

So many of us find ourselves struggling as we seek to follow GOD's will for our lives. HE lays the plan before us, gives us guidance, and clear direction, yet when the enemy tosses obstacles in our paths we stumble and act clueless. It seems so silly when we remember "the battle belongs to the LORD." With all the head and heart knowledge I still stumble and fall.

GOD has given me clear direction on a project and daily I find every excuse not to work on it. The difficulties and distractions come from every direction. I share this with you because I am confident I am not the only one struggling. Let us join together in prayer for one another. Let us remember where HE leads HE will supply all we need and if we face a fire, HE will go with us through it.

"1 But now, O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you.
      O Israel, the one who formed you says,
   “Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you.
      I have called you by name; you are mine.
 2 When you go through deep waters,
      I will be with you.
   When you go through rivers of difficulty,
      you will not drown.
   When you walk through the fire of oppression,
      you will not be burned up;
      the flames will not consume you.
 3 For I am the Lord, your God,
      the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.
   I gave Egypt as a ransom for your freedom;
      I gave Ethiopia[a] and Seba in your place."

Isaiah 43:1-3 NLT

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,


Friday, May 13, 2011

One Mountain After Another

As I climbed one mountain after another through the years, I have become more and more aware of the strength GOD has given me. He never fails me. He always gives me what I need. He faithfully meets me in the depths of my despair and carries me when I can not walk on my own. He will do the same for each of you.

My journey has taken the scenic route and I have come to appreciate all the twists and turns. The adventurous and difficult road has molded me into the person I am, today. Sure, I could have avoided some of the difficulties by making different choices, however, I can not change them, now. Surely, others can learn from the road I have followed and make wiser and more GODLY decisions as a result.

"And we know that God causes everything to work together[a] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." Romans 8:28 NLT 

I now look at each mountain, hill, and valley with different eyes. I look through the eyes of my Heavenly Father. I enjoy each moment of each day and appreciate all He has for me. I pray each of you will look through HIS eyes as you face life's trials.

 By His mercy and in the grip of His grace,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Finding our way through this life, we encounter many things, many people, and many adventures.

Some painful.
Some fun.
Some scary.
Some fulfilling.

Each molding us.
Changing us.
Transforming us into who we are, today.

Some of us embrace positives.
Some negatives.
Some don't embrace anything at all.

Some give us pleasure.
Some grieve us.

How can we use these things, good and bad?

Embracing who I am,