Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fully Surrender

"I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me round about." Psalm 3:6

Look into the little snowbird's eyes. He is at peace with his maker. I watched this bird and several others during a recent snow storm. Each of them were calm and unbothered by the change in weather, yet a storm threatened their food supply.

This little bird is reminds me the battle has been fought and won by my Heavenly Father. Both the battle and the victory belong to HIM. I must trust HIM through the storms of life and the battlefields I must traverse through. Confidently, I must cling tightly to my Heavenly Father completely surrendering any fear or discouragement and allowing HIS peace to pour over me.

Join me today, leave your burdens where they belong: At the feet of Jesus!

Fully Surrendering,



Loren said...

Clinging with you and surrendering as well!

Love you

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for it!

Joyeful said...

This is so true! We always win when we sit at the feet of Jesus!

Denise said...

I gladly join you sweetie.

Just Be Real said...

Andrea, I so needed this. This is so very true. Not a care in the world. There Maker provides for them. Awesome. Thank you. I am blessed.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Beautiful post and picture. I wish it could be that easy for me.

Larie Carlice Proverbs 27:19 said...

Clinging, gripping, and holding on tightly...


Katia said...

This is so true, there is so much freedom when we surrender all to Him. Total Shalom, that only Him can give, amen.

Diana said...

I always try Andrea. And isn't a beautiful gift that we can?
Love Di ♥

Aine Willis said...

Amen! This is beautiful. Andrea I would visit your blog just to look at your pictures ... but, the words you put with them are perfect. God Bless, Aine

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement....I needed it today.

Have not been feeling well this week.


Anonymous said...

Aww the freedom that comes from surrender. Good post.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

jut love this picture...gentle, peace. Love the words you wrote and completely agree - the battle has been won. Hugs to you.....tons of hugs.

Holly said...

Confidently, I must cling tightly to my Heavenly Father completely surrendering any fear or discouragement and allowing HIS peace to pour over me.



SmilingSally said...

Thanks, Andrea.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Beautiful! Calm and unbothered... now that is a wonderful way to live! :)

Regina said...

Beautiful message. Thank you for sharing Andrea.
That's a lovely bird.

Unknown said...

I can learn so much from nature. Thank you for the reminder.

Jackie said...

Beautiful post! We can certainly learn from His wonderful creation!

Sweet Blessings!

Karen said...

Great post! The bird is so beautiful!

He & Me + 3 said...

BEautiful and I love the analogy.

Nancy said...

Thaat little bird is adorable. Looking into his eyes is a peaceful thing. Birds are just such beautiful creatures. You capture them well.

Tea with Tiffany said...

I love birds! You could post about them everyday and I would be happy! Adding the word of God makes it even sweeter...

Thanks, friend, for the encouraging word.

Hugs and love from Colorado!


Sarah said...

Simply beautiful! And thanks for stopping by today .. but I need you to leave a comment with something I might not know about you so I can include you in the giveaway. You would LOVE Sarah Young's book.

Sarah Dawn

karen said...

When you wrote, " at the feet of Jesus ", my heart automatically said, " Yes, Lord, today, it's all about Your feet".. I wanted to share this poem I wrote some time ago.. It just makes me think of your awesome ( and beautiful reminder! ) of the place we all can go, when storms of life assail us.. Thanks for blessing me today with this beautiful reminder, sister..
Falling at the feet of Jesus
with my heart exposed for Him to see
I came to the Throne of my Redeemer
as He took my sins and set me free.

He broke all the chains that binds us
he unlocks the door of darkness and despair
He sees those dying in the darkness
but by HIs Grace , he doesn't leave us there.

Yes, His Grace is overwhelming
He sees our sin so broken down
when we fall at the feet of Jesus
His Love for us will be found.

Yes, his Grace is overwhelming
as he saw my sin so broken down
he still loves me in those moments
He is the answer I have found

Oh my Savior came to save me, Yes!
by the gift that He provides
He comes with arms extended
His Love, He grace-fully, supplied

Yes, His Grace is overwhelming
He sees our sin so broken down
By His stripes He has come to redeem
on the Cross, there is forgiveness to be found.

Yes, his Grace is freely given
as he sees our hearts opened up to Him
His love ,overwhelming in that moment
by His Stripes, He has freed my chains of eternal sin

Kathryn said...

"My American flag is in need of replacement.

Thanks for entering!

Tracy said...

May I be as you say, fully surrendering.

Sarah said...

What a delight to get to know you more friend. And what a joy to have Nana and Papa pouring into you.

Hugs for your day,
Sara (AKA Sarah Dawn)

Lori Mazzola said...

We are surrendering with you! :)

Warren Baldwin said...

God cares for the birds of the field, so we know he cares for us.

I like the photos you have on your blog.

And I like the lead song. I'm an Alan Jackson fan.


quietspirit said...

Thank you for the reminder. We sometimes get too involved in the 'hassle' to remember to lay our needs at Jesus' feet. said...


I really love the simple and yet profound truth of this posting. Sometimes we complicate things... HE has it covered!



Mary said...

Wonderful post, Andrea...always appropriate and applicable in our daily lives...there is no other way to get through the storms but on the wings of our God.

I've missed visiting you...will try to catch up soon.


Gaia said...

I am now surrendering something as simple as asking God to help me get to sleep. I tend to wake several times in the night and each time I will ask him to help me get back to slumberland without tossing and turning. I need all the help I can get. Blessings.

Barbara said...

All creation shows forth his praise! Beautiful thoughts!

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...

Thank you, Precious Father, for all of the wonderful provisions you have given my family and I. I am forever grateful. I know that You will take care of everything!

Silver said...

Surrendering to God gives so much peace!

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Edie said...

I am clinging and surrendering. Amazing what we can learn from the animals who trust their Maker without doubt.

koralee said...

Oh sweet friend...I am thankful for you..your posts are so so beautiful. xp

Christine said...

Thank you for being HERE and thank you for being THERE (comments on my blog).
You are appreciated!

Rebecca said...

Well illustrated truth of God! - "Cling tightly," Check! "Completely Surrendering" - mostly. "Allowing His peace" - Oh, yes! "Leaving my burden" - By His grace, yes!

I need this every hour!

RaD said...

I'm on the computer at our bookstore and it lets me see your blog, not like my silly computer at home that likes to kick me off for some strange reason. I popped over to see how Amden was doing. I hope he gets to go home soon, if he's not there already.

I like the analogy that you had with the bird in this post. AMEN!

SmilingSally said...

It is good to remember that we know who wins.

Mocha Momma said...

Thanking Jesus for giving His life so I can live.

What a wonderful gift I can be comforted by every minute of every day.
Thanks Andrea for these wise words,

Diana Ferguson said...

Great reminder for me today!

Lisa Smith said...

Andrea, i just wanted you to know first of all i am praying for little camden and his parents tonight and your entire family...blessings for the blessing (of you)

second, you've challenged me...i read somewhere here awhile back that you said your family knows that "(i) you don't see things as they do."
I've been challenged to look with different eyes, questioning eyes, eyes that will ask God what I should see instead of eyes that believe everything they see. make sense?

love you, mighty warrior friend. xoxo

and, yes we are alot alike. i like to know the facts and i see them in black and white. it's just that simple in my mind. so all of this gray matter that floats around cancer can become slightly annoying unless my eyes are focused on my Healer.

Lisa Smith said...

i mean, Amden not Camden...sorry =)

love lives in the kitchen said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful words...
have a great week,

Kwana said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder.

Kat said...

Just spending some time catching up.