Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be Still, Wait, and Watch

"It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth; you made both summer and winter." Psalm 74:17 NIV

"I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show."
Andrew Wyeth American painter, 20th century

Winter brought sickness to our home. After three plus weeks of illness, we are scouring our home. We hope to enjoy the rest of Winter disease free. While in a long term recumbent position I was able to reflect, pray, and see winter a little differently. Many times we dread winter, but there is much beauty to be seen, even through the sickness we may endure. Sometimes, we simply need be still, wait, and watch!

Are you being still?
Are you waiting patiently?
If so, what are you seeing through fresh eyes?

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,



Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
It sounds like you are feeling better. Yaay! Thank you God for healing Andrea and her family.

I resist winter still. I have been in a winter with my health, too. Thanks for the encouragement. I like what the painter said, there is more beneath the surface. I feel that way....

I am healing from heavy metal toxicity. I have to be low key in my life right now, but I know there is more beneath the surface. I am learning to trust Him in every moment.... So when things change I will be ready to do what He calls me to do in complete dependence. I have to admit I still like spring and summer better. (smile)


Just Be Real said...

Andrea thank you for your encouraging comment to me on my blog. Much appreciated. Glad you are doing better dear one. Winter and Fall are hard for me.

Your last three questions are riveting. I feel in God's own way these past few days with pain, that He is making me be still. Making me to be patient. I am realizing God is taking me to a deeper place still.

Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you.

Wanda's Wings said...

Such good advise.

Anonymous said...

Hey great post. I especially loved this "By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace," I've never heard or read that before. I'll have to remember it.schowns

Kat said...

Still praying for you to feel better. I know that I was shocked at how long it took me to get well. Even now, my throat is not the same after 7 weeks. I can scarcely sing at all even though I don't feel ill anymore. Our friend quit his job (he was in sales and had to talk all day) and went to Florida to try and heal because it lingered so very long for him. He was better in five days after arriving in Florida. On a side note, they decided they liked it there. He found a new job there, rented and apartment, left his wife and daughter and came back to Maryland to close up their apartment here.



Terri Tiffany said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend! Had my bout here with Teet and other stuff.
Stay well!

Debbie Petras said...

Andrea, sorry to read that you've been sick. Living in the Phoenix area, we don't have much of a winter here. However, I can drive two hours north to Flagstaff for snow. :)

The Lord has been trying to tell me something lately. "Be Still" has been repeated so many times. So I'm trying to listen and obey and still. Thanks again for the reminder.

Blessings and love,

Unknown said...

G'day sweet Andrea ~ How could I ever say it any better than have you ... the bones, they are beautiful. Each season brings forth His beauty of the structure of His blessed earth.

Hope you & Doug are doing better. I am mending well, Harold is over his 'crud'.

Have a happy PS weekend ~
Hugs & love ~

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does say it all. I'd love to use it. Thank you so much.

christy rose said...

Glad to hear that you are on the mend and are able to enjoy the rest of the winter season. :)

Libbie said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! That could make winter REALLY LONG@ Beautiful quote!!!

Rita said...

Andrea, I always told my kids that we need all the seasons in this life. God gave them to us for a purpose. I dread Winter in east Texas, because of the humidity. It makes the cold go right through you. But it also makes me appreciate the Spring, when Spring comes. I'm praying for you to be better real soon! Being sick for so long is tough. Hang in there! Spring is coming!

Tracy said...

I love all the seasons and agree, we DO need them all; don't we as humans go through each season? I think that's the importance of being 'still' so we can recgonize those within us and how our body's respond.
I liked visiting your blog and plan to come back and visit!
I hope you all stay healthy.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Andrea Sweetie...
I am so sorry to hear that you and Doug have been ill sweet one. I hope you have cleaned that house out of all illness and will be able to stay healthy. Spring will be here soon sweetie.

I will be storming the heavens for you and the family to keep healthy. I hope your precious Sitka has stayed healthy.

Keep me posted sweet one. I have had two weeks of intense work. One week of developing new courses and this past week, intense training for 12 hours a day. I am exhausted, but wanted to pop by and check in on some of my sweet and precious friends.

Many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

Cathy said...

Bless your hearts, I'm so sorry you've been sick. Praying you will stay well now ~ Winter is not my favorite. I love Spring. But we can rest in winter and still enjoy His beauty and provision. Hugs ~

Diana said...

This was such an interesting post Andrea. You put a different perspective on this winter for me. This has seemed to be the longest month of my life but I guess I should sit back and enjoy the SLOWNESS of it!
I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and pray that sickness stays away from your family!
Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

I hope with you that the scouring banishes illness from your house for the rest of the season!

This winter I have been observing it instead of fighting it (and THAT mostly from an easy chair)! I may look back and call it "the winter of my shingles"--that once painful, now itching, ever exhausting malady that refuses to move on from me...

Waiting fills my hours as winter fills our landscape with its stark, cold beauty.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

lovely post...stopping by to visit here with you today and sending blessings to you, my friend


RCUBEs said...

So encouraging to tell us that despite the set back, you chose to remain positive because of Him. May He continue to cover you all with His healing. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power. God bless you sister. Take care.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better. Winter is hard especially when you get sick.
Just wanted to come by and check on you. Sending many blessings your way that you will completely heal soon.
I have tried this weekend to sit quietly in our precious Lords grace and to ask for more patience with everything going on in my life.
It has really helped me and coming by your site always does.
Love ya

Beth E. said...

I'm so glad everyone is feeling better! You sound like me...when our family is sick I spend time wiping down everything with bleach water! I also throw away toothbrushes and launder all the bed linens and towels. It's exhausting, but it helps me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING to get rid of the germs.

Take care of yourself, and don't overdo.

Love and prayers...

Mari said...

Glad you are feeling better. We've had a few bugs at our house too.
This is a beautiful post. It's hard to be still, but so important. Thanks for the reminder.

Buttercup said...

Glad you are feeling better and pray that you and family make complete recoveries. I had my winter bout last month and gratefully have stayed well since then. I've been getting more sleep and making efforts to run around less and keep rested. I do try and find good in all seasons, but the winter is hard for me. I'm at the season of life where I am planning to spend a part of the winter somewhere warmer in the next few years. Hilton Head, you're in my dreams! Keep well, and know that prayers and hugs are sent to you, my friend!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Bless your heart, ya'll have been fightin' the crud for a long time! I hope ya sweep it out the door once and for all. Enough already!!! true. I tell those I counsel that you have to choose to be happy or love your spouse that day. Life is truly a choice.

Great Post!

God bless ya and have a glorious day sweetie!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

hope you're feeling much better; any time is a terrible time to be sick but "now" is especially bad -grin-.