Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Root Bed

In the past two weeks we have lost two large red oaks. Both fell through our fence. The first one was dead, but this one was alive. So why did it fall? On examination, Doug said, "There was basically "no" root bed and that is unusual for a red oak."

"No" root bed! What does this mean to me? I look fine from the outside, but what do my roots look like? If I fall over and leave this world what will my husband, children, and grandchildren see? Am I leaving a worthy legacy for them?

Lets seek to be all GOD created us to be. When we mess up, lets ask for forgiveness and begin again. Lets leave this world still building stronger roots and a heritage worth leaving behind.

For those feeling a bit like you don't have much to work with. That's okay, God loves showing off and making great treasures out of broken vessels. Join me and we will cling with all we have got to our precious Lord as HE works miracles in and through our hearts!

By His mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,

Andrea Bowling Perdue


Wanda's Wings said...

I am so glad He fixes the broken vessels!

ML said...

I just bought rootballs - and when planting, water is so crucial - maybe it is the Holy Spirit that is the living water that helps those roots grow strong and deep!!! So sorry about the loss of your trees! A lot of history fell!

Denise said...

Amen, good post.

Nel said...

What a great post! I pray often that I am doing what the Lord wants me to do and leaving a legacy for my daughter and grandchildren. Thanks for sharing!
until next time...nel

Goose Hill Farm said...

Lord, please help me to grow my roots deep and strong in the soil of your love and mercy!

Terri Tiffany said...

I hope I have strong roots and will leave deep ones behind!
Hope no more of your trees fall!

Dee said...

Great observation of truth.

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Amen! I'm so grateful we can sink our roots into God's healing and forgiveness.

Happy Resurrection blessings to you, sweet Andrea!