Thursday, January 7, 2010


One day a door opened
A wall torn down
One day a door opened
A deep love was found
Written words
Opened the door
Deep recesses explored
A perfect love she thought
Written words once brought
One day the door slammed closed
A wall arose
The heart once open
Now is closed
"What words," He said
As her heart bled
No longer important
No longer read
The sun once bright
Now a fading light
The door he once opened
Now closed tight
A day to remember
A day to believe
A perfect love she perceived
That day now ends
What she thought important
Was only pretend

Andrea Bowling Perdue


Janean said...

So is it Awn-dree-ah or Ann-dree-ah....or Awn-DREE-ah? Either way, it's lovely! What's it mean?

Lovely poem. :)

RCUBEs said...

I feel the pain from the words you had written. I always believe in "actions speak louder than words." Great poem sister! Have a blessed day. God bless. Love to you.

Ruth said...

(big sigh)...this is sad and heavy...very well written though. This kind of heart experience is so common to many but only few can express it so well like you did. Thanks for sharing, Andrea.

Regina said...

So deep and beautiful!

Happy weekend dear Andrea.

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...

Sweet, Andrea~

Oh, how wonderful it is to know that we can have that "perfect love" with our Heavenly Father. There is no wall, no pretense, just pure, unconditional LOVE!

Blessings, sweet sister~

Loren said...

Oh my dear friend your words are deep...
praying for you and am so thankful the nothing with the Lord is pretend, or false, or deceiving.
All HE brings is so real and your friendship is just one of the many blessings, one of the most constants HE has given me this past year!
I just read the update on Mary too and still praying for all of you.

I WISH that would have been you that I was taking a pic of at my grocery store with that darling little red hat on ;) You would be right here with me drinking coffee and snuggling up with our Snuggies LOL

Have a blessed day ~ I love you so much

Heart2Heart said...


What a beautiful poem. I can sense so much hope and sadness in it at the same time. May God continue to bless you throughout this year and may His goodness just fill you to overflowing.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Words eh ?!

Anonymous said...

An honest beauty in your words, Andrea.

How many of us close the door and cannot express what has occurred? How many don't even know the door is closed? How grateful for when the door is reopened and the LORD is waiting for us with open arms as well as His love. No pretension...not our LORD.

With caring and love, ~ linda

Tracy said...

It's a deep sadness when what one thinks a love is perfect and later finds that what she thought was important is only pretend. You've got a beautiful way with words

Nikki (Sarah) said...

I hear your heart...that inner turmoil. trying to make sense....You are a kindred spirit....a beautiful person...a friend I am glad I've gotten to know. Tons of hugs to you.

christy rose said...

Beautiful poem Andrea!

Karen said...


Deborah said...

That was a beautiful poem :)
I am also glad your Aunt Mary is doing well! I am continuing to pray for her.

Nana Jul said...

The Lord's Grace and Mercy is so much bigger!!
Been there, but now I'm leaning on my Jesus!!
By the way Jesus met us in our Bible study today, holy Awesomeness! Thanks for sharing your poem...deep.

Alleluiabelle said...

Dearest Andrea,

Oh how deep your words,this poem penetrates. I felt the pain and the joy throughout it. What an awesome Father we have whether the door is opened or closed...He's always, always there just waiting for us to come running to Him.

I love you my dear sweet awesome Andrea.

Thank you Lord for the gift of this beautiful soul to me, to all of us. She is a shining gem! When you created her Lord, oh what great purpose you had in mind!

Love & Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...


Kelly L said...

Beautiful - I love it.

Love to you,

Colleen said...

Beautiful and honest. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

Lisa Smith said...

I love this poem Andrea!!! Reminds me of two verses. "Faith without works is dead" and "The word was made flesh and dwelt among us"
Sweet blessings, lisa

Simple Home said...

Your sweet comments are always so encouraging. Thank you for that. When I read this poem I thought first of love from a bygone era, when the written word was via letters; but then I thought, it still is, although the letters are now email and texts. Although things change, the heart can still be broken the same way. This was beautiful.

Christine said...


Rachel Follett said...


Anonymous said...

So sad. :(

SmilingSally said...

Aw, this is a sad one.

Lora said...

I hear your heart dear one...

vanilla said...

Heart-wrenching. But God's love is always true. He is faithful.

Relyn Lawson said...

You are quite a poet, my friend. A wonderful gift to you from a faithful Father.

Terry said...

Howdy Andrea
Thank you for such beautiful and wise words.
Your heart is so full and you have blessed me deeply by sharing it here with your gift for words.
God has annointed your talent .
Thank you for giving Him the glory for His gift to you and at the same time investing your talent by sharing it with all God sends your way.
I am so thankful God has sent me in your direction you are such a profound writer.
Blessings sweet lady .
Happy Trails

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi, I found you thru Old Sweetwater Cottage, and wanted to invite you over to my Bible Study Blog, " day in the life". Your poetry is beautiful and I love the title of your blog.

Mary Moss said...

Just incredible, Andrea. This is straight from the depths of your soul.

Beautiful, just like you.

Love ya!

Denise said...

Very lovely.