Friday, April 22, 2011

Arise With Confidence And Love

“‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Luke 10:27 NLT

As I contemplate the cross and all it means to me, I am drawn back to the scripture God impressed upon me when I began raising my children. Simply put, if I love GOD with all I've got and I share HIS love with everyone all the rest falls into place. I remember telling a friend once, if I could teach  my children to "love the Lord with all their hearts and their neighbors as themselves" I will have accomplished the most important lesson in this life. My children are grown, now and I still pray GOD continues to mold each of them into the people HE created them to be. I pray HE gives them loving hearts, both for HIM and for others.

Now, as I cradle my grandbabies, Savannah and Elijah, I pray the same prayers for each of them. I am more determined than ever to pass a heritage of love to each of them. I pray each of them will arise with a heart full of love and confidence each day, knowing their LORD loves them and has a special plan for their lives. Indeed, HE is faithful to feel in the gaps and make a way where there is no other way.

Praising HIM who loves us most,



Anonymous said...

Andrea - I have an award for you at my blog - pick it up.

Alleluiabelle said...

What a beautiful beautiful picture...and your words...penetrated deeply into my heart as a Nana.

You are a wonderful Nana dearest wonderful.

Love you,

Nancy said...

Wonderful message, darling children, and you look so pretty Andrea. Blessings for Easter and always.

Rita said...

I love this picture of you and the grands! Aren't grandchildren wonderful? I too pray that mine will grow up and love the Lord with all their hearts!

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
You've been busy huh? :)
You're welcome - I hope you have a Happy Easter - He is RISEN - indeed!
God bless,
p.s. - do you ever make it to ""?

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
I know just a tad of what you mean by that time hole - don't know where it goes.
God bless and hang in there!
p.s. oh - you came up as the FIRST friend there - b'c we were connected thru blogger - I bet you have LOTS of friends b'c of that. :)
p.p.s. Memoir - WOW!

Chester said...

By teaching your children and grandchildren about God's love - you are giving them a gift that is priceless and will have an effect on them greater than anything money can buy. Bless you and your family! Have a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Chester's Mom ♥

*I have not had time to keep up but hoping and praying that your friend Mary Grace is doing well.

Becky K. said...

Love the Photo!
Have a glorious Easter!!


Love never fails. Resurrection blessings!

Wanda's Wings said...

Love is the key. Love as He loved us. It is amazing. Beautiful grandchildren.

Terry said...

Howdy Andrea
Blessings of joy to you and yours this wonderful Easter Weekend.
I am so thrilled to finally be able to stay signed in with blogger after several weeks of nothing . I have truly missed reading your amazing words.
I am looking forward to getting caught up :)
Thank you for sharing your heart which is full of love and your words that sew love with wisdom and hope to one and all .

Hugs with love coming your way .
Until we meet again
Happy Trails

Sharon Kirby said...

I was touched by this post. I also pray for my sons. God loves them far more than I do. And I praise Him that He is working in their lives.

And yes, I am so thankful that He fills in the gaps. He is the doer of the "impossible" - He is The Way.

Wishing you and yours a wonder-full Easter Sunday!


Wanda said...

lovely photo Andrea and no better legacy to leave for your family.

vanilla said...

Beautiful children; beautiful testimony. Blessings.

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