Thursday, May 9, 2013

Looking Back, Looking Forward!

In a few weeks I will be 47 years old. That's almost half a century. As I reflect upon where I have been and where I am headed I have many questions.

~Am I living out my life being who God created me to be?
~Am I living out God's love to the world around me?
~Now what?

Notice, my questions do not reflect regrets, but rather where God may be leading. I can not undo the past, but I can try to do better in the future. I can choose to step outside of "my comfortable" and move into the messiness of this earthly life confidently.

Looking back toward past mistakes breeds insecurity in my heart. Looking forward into the messiness of earthly life, but staying securely in my comfort zone also holds me back. I desperately need balance. I am doing my best to stay focused on God rather than the mistakes or mess ups of the past and the sometimes scary adventures of my future.

Please join me as I embrace the messiness of the path before me with confidence and trust. God will continue to lead us and give us grace for each moment of the journey He has called us to. He is constant and true and the only One we can fully trust. So, let's keep running......

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,

Andrea Bowling Perdue


Denise said...

Running with you sweet sis, love you.

Rhonda Ritenour said...

I really enjoyed this short yet poignant post. Thank you for your honesty and humility. I will keep you in prayers for what you requested. And, may I request that you do the same thing for me? Thank you! Blessings!

Rhonda (Ritty)

Sonja said...

Yep, running here too!

You're just a pup, my friend! Do it now as it's much harder 10 years from now. :)


David C Brown said...

As the hymn says,

Lord, Thou art with me
And Thou dost give
Strength for the journey
Grace now to live.

Debbie Petras said...

It's been much too long since I last visited your blog. But seeing that it's your birthday (I discovered that on Facebook), I thought I'd stop by. Happy birthday! May we continue to run the race He has set before us. We learn from mistakes but so thankful for His grace and mercy. He is trustworthy and He knows what's best for each one of us.

Blessings and love,