Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Day In The Zoo

Thank you, dear friends for your prayers and encouragement. Each of you are a blessing. When I began blogging, I did not believe anyone would ever follow or read my blogs. I ventured into the world of blogging kicking and screaming. A dear friend pushed, pulled, and drug me into the blogging world.

I am thankful for the beautiful journey. Despite my inadequacies, GOD has prevailed over and over again. He has given me words to encourage and inspire others. They are not my words, but HIS.

Today, I fought back discouragement as I work from my husbands laptop. My "new" laptop crashed yesterday as I was trying to catch up on blogging. It is easy to get frustrated and discouraged. As I fought back those feelings, I realized what Satan means for harm, my HEAVENLY FATHER uses for good.

Only GOD knows what the future holds. Today, I commit to continue my journey with HIM.

Blessings and prayers,



Karlene said...

I thank God for his faithfulness to you. You are such a blessing to all your friends.


RCUBEs said...

I used to be frustrated,too everytime I couldn't get to a particular site I wanted to visit. Even my own sometimes.
It is overwhelming it seems but when we give all of our frustrations to His hands, then we start having a different perspectives on things. By His grace...only by His grace...And I'm glad to hear that you chose to continue to what He wanted you to do for Him because you are a great encourager here in this place. God bless you sister and I hope the computer will run ok! Love and blessings.

Ina in Alaska said...

Hi Andrea! Just stopping by your blog to say hello and to wish you a wonderful and peaceful weekend. Sorry 'bout your laptop!! Hope Sitka is doing better!! xoxo

Crown of Beauty said...

Thank you for encouraging others even when you yourself are in need of encouragement.

I pray you will continue to be strengthened and refreshed by the special touch of God upon your life.

Erin said...

Isn't it amazing that it takes the recognition that we're reacting childishly to a disappointment to remind us that we need guidance? Blessings to you today, Andrea...

Heart2Heart said...


I find that even in the midst of computer problems, we learn new things. We learn a whole new level of patience and we learn sometimes how to fix things we wouldn't have discovered until things crashed.

Praying for you. Just remember when things begin to go wrong, you are headed in the right direction.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Five Moms & A Blog said...

My pc is dead and I am using hubs laptop too. I dont' like it either. A little uncomfortable to work on a different computer. Glad you learned that He is working everythiing your good and He is in charge of your journey. He will carry you through.

Leslie said...

I'm so glad you are blogging my friend! Your posts are meaningful, short, sweet and to the point. And what would we do without Sitka?!

Sorry about your computer. That is frustrating! My hubby's laptop screen died a while ago. He was able to hook it up to another screen, but when we head down to OBX, he plans to use my laptop. We'll have very limited access to the internet down there though, so I probably won't be blogging that week.

Can your's be fixed or do you need to get a new one? My hubs just hasn't wanted to shell out the money for it. Hopefully, he can hold out until I go back to work and am getting a pay check again.

Boy, you need a "do over" week! Praying for you!

Martha said...

My laptop crashed over a dozen times this year :( and my sister keeps losing her internet access over mysterious events. I do have a theory that the devil tries to keep Christians from spreading the gospel, even via blogging. So consider it a compliment that you are a threat ;)

christy rose said...

Amen! He will work out everything for our good!

Terri Tiffany said...

Good that you have a back up to use:) I know what you mean about blogging.I never thought I would get to know so many people the way I do. And glad to know you!

Just Be Real said...

Amen, such an encouraging post. I do hope your laptop gets restored in the meantime. God seems to always come through, especially when we are at our lowest.

I too had no clue about what blogging would hold for me, and wa-la, meeting special people as yourself has turned out to be such a blessings.

Thank you.

Debra said...

Dearest Andrea,

Isn't that just like the enemy to try and discourage us so! He's such a loser! I've been having trouble with my computer all morning too but now I'm finally up and running! Praise the Lord. I was touched by your story of sharing my testimony. That's our God alright...and all glory goes to Him. He is doing such a great work in my heart right now!

Blessings to you today, sweet sister.

koralee said...

Computer touble is the worst...but sometimes i think God is telling me to take a break and focus more on Him...i need to remember to put Him first over this silly computer...what do i want to spend more time doing?

Yolanda said...


Genesis 50:20 is one of the scriptures that I stand upon for my very life and existence.

I'm thankful that you were encouraged to BLOG, as well as myself (my hubs) because I treasure the friendships the Lord has ordained. Encourgement at its finest!


Mocha Momma said...

Had a great time. I am very tired now though. The sun and walking (which I love) tend to ware me out these days. The water was so refreshing.

Happy Sunday,

Loren said...

Yes Andrea, I understand about the blog thing! I never knew how God could lead us to each other, to pray and encourage one another! I thank HIM for you and your words that I see as HIS but your obedience to hear what HE wants you to say.
Trusting you will experience more blessings in your obedience and that you would see what a beautiful ministry this blog of yours truly is!

love you

Shana said...

Just wanted to drop by & say thanks for the prayers! It's very nice to meet you :0)