Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Exerts From My Journal

More exerts from my journal:

My father, eighteen and mother, fourteen when I was conceived eloped shortly after my mothers fifteenth birthday.  Each of my parents searched for love, but evidence of true love did not exist. Possibly each felt they had found true love, but love does not knowingly provoke harm.

My fathers heart embodied a childhood of abuse rendering him volatile. Did he realize his anger spewed and wounded each of us? Did he feel remorse?

My mother, a child herself never grew strong enough to defend herself or her children. She found freedom from my father when he divorced her after the tragic death of my youngest sister in 1989.

Unfortunately, both of my parents live out their lives without the joy of truly knowing their children or enjoying healthy relationships with us. While both seem content in their own worlds, I fear neither understand or comprehend the true love of Christ and the peace and contentment only GOD can provide.

By HIS mercy and in the grip of HIS grace,

Andrea Bowling Perdue


Just Be Real said...

Andrea this has touched me deeply. Stirring up my own struggles now. Safe hugs to you dear one and thank you for sharing.

Danae Hudson said...

Thank you for sharing with us.

Terri Tiffany said...

We never realize what others have gone through and what shapes them to who they are today. Despite your family's struggles,you have become an awesome person--I pray your parents would soon come to know the Lord we do.
Thank you for sharing more!

Denise said...

Precious, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing, Andrea. My birth mother won't even mention the circumstances of my birth to this day. Let us hold our families up in prayer, for no matter what happens we know that the love of God never fails; He never abandons; He never leaves; He is with each of us every step of the way. Amazing grace.

Cheri said...

Andrea, may God bless your courage in sharing! Never give up hope for them to know Christ, for the faithful prayers of the righteous will avail much and God is attuned to the cry of your heart!

Love you,

quietspirit said...

It is sad when people can't break away from abusive pasts and grow into the persons God wants them to be. God can do a great work in the lives of those who have faced abuse.
Thank you for your transparency. May God speak to their hearts.

Wanda said...

Thanks for sharing Andrea.

Diana said...

It's so difficult to keep our children on track. I was young when I met my first husband who was an alcoholic. But had I not went through all off that, I wouldn't have my two beautiful adult children now. So I never regretted meeting him. Beauty is born out of pain. You've proved that Andrea. Thanks for sharing. Love Di ♥

Nezzy said...

God bless you for your very heartfelt honest post sweetie, I know this could not be easy for ya.

My daddy was kinda like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He was this kind hearted jovial fella and then there was the verbal abusive side that could cut into your very soul. I will never write of that side as long as my mother is alive. 'Nuff said.....

I'm so happy your found the One who loves unconditionally and gives us the peace that passes all understanding.

Have a blessed and beautiful day in the Lord sweetie!!! :o)

David C Brown said...

I'm sure that the glad tidings are seen in you, and that kind of testimony to a new life may yet, in God's grace, change them.