Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Journey

Everyday is a new day in my journey. I begin with eager expectation of peace, happiness, and love. Somewhere along the way I become discouraged. Some days are easier than others. When I believe I have a good grip on this journey called life, I stumble.

I suppose I am too naive. I have this grand notion everyone will eventually "get it" and begin to love and respect one another. Deep in my being is a longing for peace and harmony.

My extended family could be the poster child for "Dysfunctional Families." No matter the circumstances or loss, each member believes they are living appropriately and there is no need to change. Well, this is my perspective.

Our family has endured separation, tragedy, and still there is little togetherness. Recently, at my grandmother's funeral I became hopeful change would occur. A new beginning. Yes, there has been change. My sister and I have a wonderful relationship with our cousin, J. GOD has truly blessed us.

Yet, there are multiple other members of our family who seem content to disown or alienate themselves from us. Several of these folks are in the ministry. Yes, you heard me. They are serving GOD in churches or retired from service.

My sister and I take full credit for not being normal. We live outside the box. We are crazy and love everyone. We know no socio-economic or racial bounds. We have friends from all walks of life and all belief systems. Neither of us fit into most churches. We find ourselves fighting an uphill battle there, as well.

Last time I checked, Jesus was out ministering to the prostitutes, thieves, and others like them. He defended those who could not defend themselves and poured out love to the unloved. He is suppose to be our example.

Here is where I stumble: Often, I allow the actions of my family to distract my focus. Last night, I was unable to sleep thinking about the craziness abounding in my family. What happened to love? What happened to respect?

Clarity often comes in the morning. I can not change them. I must leave it in my Heavenly Father's hands. I am merely responsible for change needed in my own heart and life. My focus must no longer waver.

God has blessed me with a wonderful support system. I have learned much from each person within this system. Family is not always biological. Thank GOD for all of those in my adopted family.

Clinging to my Heavenly Father,



Five Moms & A Blog said...

Of course we don't MIND if you add our link! We're thrilled!!!

Thanks for visiting us!


Marsha said...

You could be writing about my life and family, dear one! So well said. You have blessed me with your openness and honesty. You are on the right path...the path of true righteous living. Don't let the Pharisees in your family dishearten you. Continue to pray for them and let the Lord deal with their hypocritical minds.

I embrace you as my sister in Christ. I'm so thankful the Lord has had our paths cross this side of heaven!

Have a blessed weekend.

Leslie said...

When I look at my parents, sisters and I, I think, "Are we really part of the same family?" None of us seem to have the same beliefs "religion" wise. I don't think my dad believes in God at all (because my brother died at the age of 10); my oldest sister is Catholic; one of my sisters is a Buddhist; I don't know where my mom and third sister stand; and I'm a Christian. None of them know that I have a blog...I'm pretty sure my Buddhist sister would roll her eyes at what I write about (especially the title of my blog). It's sad isn't it?

Even those in ministry make you wonder what Bible they're reading! I have found that out in working at a church. There are a few pastors and elders that just make me shake my head! So I understand where you're coming from!

Just continue to follow Him and keep your integrity in check, and He will bless you and hold you up when you're feeling discouraged!

I'm so glad we have met here in blog land. Have a beautiful weekend!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...


I lose focus and become distracted by family members too. I know it is wrong as soon as I begin forming my own opinions (close to judgemental).

Romans 4:5 reminds me often that when I'm bent on fixing others rather than just loving them, we're saved by Grace! God always adds the increase. For this, I'm very thankful!! :)


Mark Seay

Joan said...

I think everything is a work in progress. It takes some longer than others. I'm learning that Love is hard work.
Why is it so easy to see that speck in my brother's eye and not see the plank in my own?

Great post and thanks for the link love.


twofinches said...

I so agree with you "clarity comes in the morning". The Psalmist knew that as he reminds us to talk to God on our beds!

Sounds to me like you have a good grip on your past and how it made you who you are!

RCUBEs said...

I had commented it before in another person's blog...that in any brokenness, that's where the most redemptive power of the cross happens. You allowed the Lord to lead you where He wants you to be, and now, you could see clearly a life of having Him in the center than without Him. And what a difference as you write about that today and you becoming an inspiration to others.
May the spiritual veil of blindness be removed by the Lord in your other family's eyes/hearts so they can know His love and grace. And you all be reunited.
Thank you for putting me in your blog roll! I appreciate it. It's been windy lately but thank God my allergy is not that bad. I am thinking about you and continue to lift you and I hope that you are feeling okay. Love you in Christ.

Alleluiabelle said...

Dearest Sweet Sister Andrea,

Thank you for all of your prayers for my husband and myself. I can't sleep so I'm stopping in to say hello. As I told Rosel, I missed you!! I'm still having problems getting into my site and others, but I'm fighting the system until I get there...a bit of frustration and it takes much longer.

Your heart is truly out there sweet one and is as big, warm and welcoming as the morning sun. I love you dearly. YOU ARE MY SISTER and part of my family in Christ and you can't count on that always my friend! Your focus is where it's supposed to be, unstrapping those burdens weighing you down in thought in trying to figure the whole family thing and giving it all to Him. He will take care of it. You just keep on loving and giving of yourself. That's what He wants you to do. You are such an incredibly beautiful person and I'm extremely happy to have you as part of my family here.

Much love, peace, blessings & prayers,

Alleluiabelle said...


There is a typo in my comment above. In the second paragraph it's suppose to say, "you CAN count on that" not "can't". Now you can really see I haven't been on in a while ;)

Love you,

Peter Stone said...

Hi Andrea,
It truly is sad when families allow divisions to come between them, and it is so frustrating when those who are clearly in the wrong keep pointing the finger at everyone else, and never at themselves. God's Word is a two-edged sword, it is supposed to cut the user and the receiver.

Loved your conclusion too, we are responsible for ourselves, we cannot change others.

And thanks so much for putting a link to my blog on your site.

God bless
Peter :)

christy rose said...

It is wonderful freedom when we finally realize that it is not our job to change people, it is God's and when we let go and trust Him to do what He promises, He does.
Trying to do it ourselves is trying to be God. And we are very bad gods. haha Funny but so true!
When we rest in Him, He works on our behalf.
It is such a peaceful life that Jesus has made for us.
Blessings to you and prayers,

Heart2Heart said...


The only thing we can do once we reach that moment of clarity, is pray. Pray for additional opportunities to interact and pray for anyone that may minister to them in the meantime. God is amazing at the different tools he uses to reach people.

We will be keeping you in our prayers!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mary Moss said...

Glad you have regained your perspective:-) It always amazes me that we even conduct our daily lives with some semblance of sanity, considering where we come from! LOL

koralee said...

Andrea...continue to cling to our Heavenly Father...he does not disappoint...sending love your way...koralee