Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slow Down

God often uses many unique situations to get my attention. I call them 2X4 moments, because I often do not respond until the "2X4" swings through the air. In other words, it takes enormous situations to get my full attention or change my mind.

For years, my husband has urged me to slow down coming into our drive way. I always respond by saying, "I am not going that fast." It is a straight driveway and I can see in front of me. I did not understand why there was a problem with the speed I came into the driveway. Why does he want me to creep up the driveway like an old lady?

Several weeks ago, we were out late. Doug met me at a play. He had our youngest son, Wil and one of his friends. Taylor. After the play, Doug took Taylor to her house and I journeyed on to ours.

As I entered our driveway at my normal rate of speed, three of the biggest deer I have ever seen JUMPED right in front of me. I was able to stop. Shocked, I sat there. Echoing in my mind were Doug's words, "you really need to slow down coming into the driveway."

Echoing even louder was GOD's voice, "Slow down." I have run through life trying to make everyone happy and accomplish great things for many years. In this "2X4 moment", I realized I have often rushed past the beauty of GOD's creation and the pleasures He has for me. I have been consumed with too many different things.

Since my late night experience, I have pondered much. God protected me and He lovingly protected the three magnificent deer. He has much more to teach me and I eagerly await the new adventures He will lay before me.

Let's all slow down and enjoy GOD's creation. Let's be safe and recognize GOD's voice when HE speaks.

Blessings and prayers,



RCUBEs said...

Amen! We are so rushed sometimes that we don't even know that we are letting great blessings pass by without our knowledge. This is a great post. Awesome that He protected you and the deers! Love and prayers.

christy rose said...

Amen and Amen! We all need to look around us and realize all of the good things in our lives. God has done so much and is continuing to do so. When we rush from one thing to the next and not notice God's hand, we fail to recognize that.
Thanks for the reminder,


Kelly's Ideas said...

Very thought provoking post and you are so very right. I think Jesus had the wheel that night don't you? We all need to just stop and listen...and slow down.
Thank you

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

I love this post! Here's one example what happened when I slowed down enough to hear God. I was sitting on my front porch swing one evening trying to get photographs of hummingbirds at my feeder. As I was snapping away getting some great shots, I noticed something pink coming from the sky out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and there was a gorgeous sunset with all kinds of colors in. I just thought to myself it looked as if God had a giant paint brush and had swiped the sky with it! During that moment of thinking this, in my spirit (not an audible voice) I heard Him whisper: "I painted that one just for you". The tears flowed immediately as I was humbled right there to think how many of those I may have missed. I was also humbled because I'm an artist and He knew I would appreciate such beauty! He's an awesome God. He's so gracious to let us get the 2X4 moments, without a major catastrophic thing happening to us too! Thanks for sharing! Hope the horse move goes well! Luanne

Five Moms & A Blog said...

What a great message to slow down to hear Gods voice. I believe that you are right...we all need to do that more!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by the 5 moms blog and leaving a prayer request. We understand your need and as a group, we will be lifting you up in prayer.

Have a blessed Sunday, and we hope that you feel better soon.

Joan said...

I too have had 2x4 moments in my past. God has a way of getting my attention. Bless you for listening.

Terry said...

oh andrea..such a beautiful story!
god protected you and he protected those deer, and there were THREE of them?
you will never forget this as your drive in to your drive way!
ha!..a threefold cord is not quickly broken.
great post, great stepping stone and it is late at night and so i must not only slow down, but i must stop and go to bed!
i have spent a glorious half hour, reading a few of your posts and i shall be back!
i have put your button on my blog and it will be my first stepping stone to get here! terry