Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Macy is my 15 year old deaf Cocker Spaniel. We are thankful to continue to have her presence in our lives. She has been through two cancer surgeries and still bounces around our home. Macy also has a heart murmur. By all doggie standards she deserves to lie around and enjoy the good life. Indeed she does, however, she is eager to greet all who enter our home and share her love with them.

Macy has "never" liked the rain. If it is raining and we nearly have to drag her out the door and into the yard. She looks up at us as if to say, "it is wet out here." Lately, it has rained a lot in Richmond.

As I encouraged and prodded Macy out the door this past week, I began to think about how similar many of us are to my beloved "old lady." Like Macy, we do not like to get out of our comfort zones and we certainly do not want to venture out into the storms of life.

God calls us to special tasks. We are never too old and our handicaps are never too great. "What is impossible with man is possible with GOD." Matthew 19:26

Getting out of my comfort zone,



Crown of Beauty said...

Loved this post Andrea. Like you I am a dog lover, and we have two lovely doggie members of our family. I can relate to this post as one of them PAtches just hates going out in the rain... she likes to be warm and comfy all the time.

Thank you for dropping by my post... and hope you will be able to also pick up and pass on the Uplifting Blogger award I gave you on my Father's Day posts, to the glory of God!

Have a blessed weekend ahead of you!

RCUBEs said...

Cute dog like Sitka and Nanuq! You're so right about us being afraid to step out of our comfort zones. sometimes, it's nerve wracking to know that we are about to face a big change! We forget, sometimes, like you how you encourage Macy to get out of the house despite the rain, it is the Lord encouraging us because sometimes, He wants to put us in a place where He can use us as His tool in sharing the Good News. [That was me sister, when I got injured. After working for 10 yrs. in Orthopedics, I wasn't sure anymore where to go when the dr. said I had to get out of Nursing. It was the Lord Who brought me to the correctional facility and I'm so glad that I yielded to His leading, despite my fears, the uncertainties. Yes, it might be raining a lot, but the sun does come up after the storm :) God bless. Love you in Christ.

Heart2Heart said...


You truly have inspired me with your post today. I too often need more than prodding to get out of my comfort zone. Thanks to people like yourself that God has brought my way, I am getting better at it all the time.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Saleslady371 said...

I can relate to Macy. What a cute name and a cute dog. I had a cocker spaniel when I was a little girl. His name was Zipper. He ran away in a storm and got run over. Let's not run away from the storms of life. Let's trust God to pull us through gently proddings just like you give Macy!

Mary Moss said...

Well, my dear sister, once again God has used you to speak to me! I am struggling with him - like Jacob! I'm fighting Him tooth and nail, and I'm not even sure what about - I only know He's telling me "GO!" and I'm telling Him, "I can't!"

Bless you and Macy - our Gracie is twelve and she doesn't like rainy weather either:-) I can really relate!

Chester said...

Hi Andrea! It's very nice to meet you. I scanned over your latest post and I am refreshed already by what I see. I am a Christian trying to be faithful in this crazy world and find myself stumbling consistently also. I know He sees my heart and is still working on me. I'm finding myself drifting along with the worldly tide instead of going against the current as I should be. I am going to add you to my follow list so I don't forget your blog.
Thanks for setting the example to stand strong for Christ in a weak world.
Chester's Mom

Ps. I see we share a love for dogs and I also see you live in Richmond-not a real far stretch from my sister in Virginia Beach.

Loren said...


What a precious dog you have! She sure is a fighter and an overcomer :) She must have an amazing caretaker!!! You have helped her through so many storms in life with love and care just like in your example in the story as the Lord does with us! Thankyou for this post and reminder of staying away from complacency! It is good for everyone to hear on a continual basis! Our flesh likes comfort ~ may we decrease as He increases!!!

Thankyou for your prayers and kind words!

Love and blessings!

koralee said...

Love her....she is a great example for us all...many blessings to you this weekend..may the sun shine your way so you can all go outside to play!!!

Laura said...


Our little doggie does not like the rain either! Can't say as I blame her, comfort is a warm dry blankie. It's true, we don't much like to leave those safe places, do we? I've been pondering this this week, as our VBS winds down. NOthing like teaching a room full of middle-schoolers to make a person question their sanity. But the week has been filled with amazing glimpses of GoD. All because I'm in a pretty uncomfortable place!

Thanks for stopping by to see me!

Chatty Kelly said...

Amen! I hate getting dragged out of my comfort zone, and I often end up "all wet", but I need to go where my Master, God, leads. Great one, Andrea!

E @ Scottsville said...

Our big dog actually likes the rain. She's an outdoor dog anyway, but when it rains, she trots around like she's starring in "Singing In The Rain" or something. =0)


Leslie said...

I find that when God pushes me out of my comfort zone, it may not be that He just wants me to complete that particular task. Usually it's because He has something farther down the road that He wants me to do and to be comfortable with.

Otto gives us that same look on rainy days. "Are you kidding me? It's yucky out there, and I'll get all wet!"

Have a blessed weekend!

Mocha Momma said...

What? I have to move outa my comfort zone? Now that is asking too much. Actually I will be out of my comfort zone when I go for my first interview and when my kids go to their first day of school and I actually get a job.

My mouth is doing pretty good. A little pain in the area and headaches, but It'll be fine soon.

I love you sweet dog, Lacy. Too bad she can't have litter box, JK!

Have a great weekend

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Great post. I love it when God asks me to move out of my comfort zone because I know something good is gonna happen if I obey.
Thanks for stopping by the 5 Moms today and for the confession. Too funny.

Tammi said...

Andrea, I just read this tonight.. I hopped over to read your latest blog this evening, when I saw your news about Macy. I'm so sorry. Our pets become members of our families..and when they're gone, the loss is felt for such a long time. I noticed this blog about comfort zones---and thought, "Uh oh..." This was exactly what I wrote about today. As a "sheep," I sure would rather stay in the "fold" then come out of my comfort zone. Thanks for reminding me of the lesson God is "driving home" to my heart today.