Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GOD Knows Us By Name

Recently, I watched a documentary about a man in Alaska named Charlie who befriended both the black and grizzly bears. He had a beautiful relationship with each of them. He knew each one of them by name. I was taken by his recognition and relationship with each bear going back for generations.

Our Heavenly Father knows each of us by name:

"See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands." Isaiah 49:16

Today, if you feel alone, unknown, or insignificant, I pray you will know the meaning of true significance. You are more special than gold, platinum, or any precious stone. You are written in your Heavenly Father's hands. You are HIS treasure.

Finding significance in my LORD,


*Disclaimer: I in know way advocate friending wild animals. However, I found the relationship this man had with the bears fascinating and found many life lessons as I watched his story unfold.


E @ Scottsville said...

We've been studying in our Sunday School class about "the Call" that we each receive and how each of us are SIGNIFICANT to Him! =0)

Carol said...

I am blessed and thankful that He knows me by name and has a purpose and a plan for my life.

Marsha said...

Maybe hubby and I should name the black bear that graces our porch once and awhile. Right now he just thinks his name is "go on" because we say, "Get out of here, go on!"

Great devo thought. I love learning from nature.

Leslie said...

Have you ever seen anything about Christian the lion? It is a neat (true) story. What you wrote reminds me that God knew my baby as it was in my womb (even before it was in my womb!), and He's taking care of and treasuring my little one this very second in Heaven!

Loren said...

What a wonderful post! Thankyou!

We are wonderfully and beautifully made, thankyou Lord that you know the hairs on our heads and we are so very significant to YOU!

Blessings to you Andrea for sharing this today

Martha said...

I think I've watched the series right after I gave birth to my son, it was about a man who was so fascinated with the bears. I watched it all the way up to the end and was very depressed when I found out that he passed away along with his girlfriend during the filming :o)

Heart2Heart said...


First of all thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the two awards and it was my honor to receive them and pass them along to bless someone as you have blessed me.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Warren Baldwin said...

Good thoughts. Each one of us is special to God. We are his. And I used to live in Wyoming, in grizzly country, so I am fascinated by these great creatures.

momstheword said...

I too am so thankful that the Creator of the universe knows my name and everything about me. How awesome is that?

Clearly this isn't that other guy that lived with the bears and he and his girlfriend were killed by them.

I love seeing wild animals running carefree and enjoying themselves, but I wouldn't want to be there next to them!

Saleslady371 said...

It is so good to reflect on this today when we live in a world full of distortions as well as an enemy that tries to bring us down.

Have a wonderful day, Andrea!

Mocha Momma said...

I saw show like that a while ago. If it's the same one, it was really good. He seemed to know a lot about bears and didn't step over the line with them.

Nature is so calming and there is a lot to learn from it and about it. Best of all God knows us and cares deeply for us. Thanks for these words.

Also, thanks for your encouraging words. I feel almost normal today. Should be fine soon.

RCUBEs said...

We can't please everyone as the saying goes. But your post reminds me that there is nothing else we can do to make God love us more. He created us in His image. His love is truly faithful and enduring. How are you sister Andrea? Breathing better? I thank God I found these organic pills that help me prevent sinus congestion. Take care. God bless. Blessings and love.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Thanks so much for the reminder, I love scriptures that are hidden like that one and then "POP" out to have a new meaning for me. That happens a lot! I must remind my boys of this!

Thanks for your comment today...I LOVE THEM ALL!

Andrea said...

Andrea, I dropped in from Crown of Beauty. I noticed your name, and it's not often that I meet one who shares mine.

I must tell you that your lovely words touched my soul so deeply. Sometimes we need that touch from the Father's hand though we may not realize it until His presence is suddenly with us.

Not feeling too well today, my husband had just prayed for me. I then clicked into your sight, and it was as if God said, "This is for you, dear daughter."

Thank you. God's precious words to us are more valuable than choice silver or pure gold.

Be blessed today, and be filled with His amazing love.

In That Love,


Peter Stone said...

Lovely message, and there lies the secret to our true significance.
I used to know a family who had a rather unremarkable dog. Well, that was what I thought until I saw the way in which their daughter treasured and valued that dog. Only then did I understand the dog's true significance - it was loved, appreciated, and greatly treasured.
God bless :)

Terri Tiffany said...

Hope you are doing better! I was so chicken too to download Foxfire but it was fast and easy and I still can keep my old browser if I wanted to so it changed nothing--just the speed and ease. I am always afraid to change! Try it and let me know what you think.

RCUBEs said...

Hi sister. Good morning. You are a one very caring and very thoughtful sister in Christ as I read your comment this morning. Sister Loren is a new friend I had met [The Magoos News] so I am including her, her family and her dad in my prayers. I am blessed to have met her, too.
I'm glad you're feeling better:) I can't use Claritin D because of my hypertension history but I'm glad to have found those Boiron products and it's all natural. Sounds like I'm trying to sell here.LOL...God bless sister and thank you for always encouraging me, your prayers, your friendship and our "sisterhood" I treasure. Love you in Christ.

christy rose said...

It is wonderful to know that our God is a personal God and not some far away distant God. It is always wonderful to hear someone say my name. It makes me feel like they are taking steps to get to know me. I always try to use people's names when I comment on their posts because I think it makes it seem much more personal and connecting. Names are an important part of relationships. God uses ours when He speaks to us too. Good Post Andrea


Five Moms & A Blog said...

Hey Andrea. That was so beautifully written. What a lovely reminder of God's love.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you get to enjoy a nice relaxing day by the pool soon. Forget about the inflatable kind. Your kids should be treating you to a glamorous 5 star resort with a REAL pool. :o)


Emmett said...

Intesting blog.

karen hopkins said...

I always hated giving my name as a kid - because I had an identical twin sister, whose named rhymed..of course with me.. Eveyrone that would call us karen or sharon, inevitably called us by the wrong name for who we were. I began walking with Jesus, and was so thankful that I would konw HE knew me intimately, as Karen, and not by the other name which I began to just hate, even though it was neither of our faults we looked exactly alike. But today, I am so glad my Abba Father, Jesus , calls me by my own name, and that He also allows me to call Him by His own Name - Glory, Righteous, Holy, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings... thanks for sharing this post.. awesome stuff , sweet lady!