Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friend Blog Awards

I recieved the loyal friend award from:

Squelly @ Dreamers Day

Mocha Mom @ Life Be In It

Kat @ Art's Chili Pepper

Loren from Magoos News blessed me with this friendship award.

I am truly blessed to have awesome blogging friends. I am honored to receive these awards. Each award was meant to be passed to a select number of people. However, after praying about them, I am going to change it a little. A loyal friend is someone who encourages and prays for the other person. I cherish those prayers. So, if you pray for me these blog awards now belong to you. Pick them up and post them on your blogs proudly and know that I am thankful for all your prayers.

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,



Gotta Have Faith said...


You also just won another award! Head on over to my site to see your little surprise!


Kelly's Ideas said...

Well deserved... Love love your blog..
Love to you.

RCUBEs said...

Congratulations sister Andrea. You deserve all of these blessings! You're an awesome friend and sister in Christ! God bless you.

Mimmy said...

You are well deserving. Congratulations!! I haven't even begun to figure out the award "thing" but I will as soon as I can. It seems that by the time I get through posting and reading I'm too tired to learn anything new. I will though. Just be patient with me.

God Bless,

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Andrea, I'm back but only for a few minutes. Thank you for your comments at my most recent blog. And, as I have been praying for you, now and in the past, yes, I will be glad to have the friendship award.

May God bless and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am new to blogging and I have enjoyed your blog very much.

I Am Well On My Way (use to be called Inspiration For The Soul)

sarah said...

Hi Andrea, I do pray for you. I think you're the best,really kind and gentle - and you care about others so much. You totally deserve these awards. I'm so glad I connected with you. Sarah

Warren Baldwin said...

Congratulations on the nice awards.

Thanks for the comments on the Respect article.

Karen said...

Congratulations on you awards!

Sea Glass said...

Are you surprised by these friendship awards. You are a loving, giving friend to all and everyone loves you. I couldn't think of anyone more diserving. Love you and prayers

Lora said...

You are so deserving Andrea! Congratulations!

Diann said...

Hello, Andrea,

What a lovely way to pass along your awards. I rather like it :) I am going to babble here for a bit, but bear with me. I know I've been stumbling my way through blog land, but I have been having so many problems with your site. Actually, it's not your site per se, it's been reading your site! I have dropped by numerous times now hoping to leave you a comment. Every time I've gone to do so, we have had a power surge here. This is not uncommon, btw. Power goes out often. However, the side affect to that is that my computer locks up and I lose everything I'm working on. Coincidentally enough this has happened every time I've taken a moment to write you. Then today I decided to go directly to your site and I couldn't get my bookmark to work. The bookmark to every other blog I have saved worked just fine, but not yours. I'm starting to think that someone doesn't want me reading your lovely blog ...

With all that said ... Your blog is lovely! I am especially impressed with all the photography. It makes for a lovely back drop.

Thank you for all your encouragement and little comments as we are progressing through this pregnancy. It's odd to think that we could have a baby here at our house any time now. All the encouragement in the interim has been a huge blessing. Glad I finally got in to say hi and hope to be back soon ...

Andrea said...


Now, I can't get back to your site. Lets join together in prayer. We will not allow the enemy to discourage us.
Thank you for your precious comment. Thank you for taking the time to share with me from your heart. I will continue to pray for you. I hope you had a chance to read the post, "For This Child I Prayed."
Much love and prayers, andrea

Ina in Alaska said...

Stopping by to wish you and all the commenters a wonderful Thursday xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you posted these awards so we can all let you know how much we love and appreciate you. You are everybody's best friend...that is your legacy, girl!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Congratulations, Andrea--you are reaping some of the goodness you've sown.

Unknown Mami said...

Congratulations! Isn't it amazing what wonderful bonds we make through blogging?

Marsha said...


Just Be Real said...

Well deserved awards for a well deserving lady! Blessings sweet one!

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear friend,

If you have a bit of time, in invite you to re-read the last part of my Sept 30 post. I have re written it and shared more of what I am personally going through. I will surely appreciate your prayers at this time.


Alleluiabelle said...

My Dearest Andrea,

Congratulations precious sister! Thank you for inviting me over to pick up these awards. It certainly put a broad smile across my face as I thought of you and your loving heart for so many. You are a blessed woman of God and I am proud to call you "Sister and Friend." You give so much of yourself here for others and I/we love you so very, very much.

Thanking you for coming into my life in such a beautiful and special way...from the hand of God!

Again, I love you beautiful one!

Blessings, Hugs, Love & Prayers,