Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Prayers For My Journey"

Today I am full of humility. Rarely does "anything" come between myself, my journal, and my pen. However, my body has been invaded by a respiratory bug slowing me to a creeping crawl. Every activity seems to require more energy than I able to give at this time.

Determined to sit upright long enough to post an article seems to be a chore. I admit I am completely miserable and whiney, but I share my weakness because GOD is speaking "loudly" in my distress.

"Slow down, seek only good things and rest in ME."

I share this breif post realizing perhaps there are others who may need a gentle whisper or as often happens to me......a loud bousterious cry from our Heavenly Father.

By His mercy and in the grip of His grace,



Mary Moss said...

Great reminder, Andrea. I'm offering up prayers for your healing.

oneway2heaven@verizon.net said...

I love how you write Andrea! It is refreshingly honest, transparent, and poetic!
I am proud of you sister for both blogs!!!

Heart2Heart said...


Prayers coming your way as all of heaven stops to listen. Here is hoping that God speeds along your healing! God bless! Love your blogs!